No, Not Boring.

No need to die of boredom in the new South Africa, even though current shenanigans are similarly messy as 25-30 years ago, not much different in terms of people killing opponents or rivals, in towns or villages. We have heavily armed troops and thousands of police deployed to keep the people from attacking state offices, and we have diplomats trying to tell the world that we are a great place to do business. So much has not improved or changed, so many official lies, and many riotous protests because things haven’t changed. But it isn’t boring, no sir!

Who could be bored when armored troop carriers crawl through a major capital city when there isn’t an invading military force anywhere to be found, just citizens going about their normal lives? It seems the Government is nervous of ordinary citizens and members of other political parties.

Who could be bored when citizens burn houses in another major city because they are pissed off with the resident criminals doing their illegal stuff in the neighborhood, year after year, about which the police do nothing, despite citizens requests and complaints?

Who could be bored when a president and his chums seem hell-bent on chucking out the people looking after the Treasury, or putting sycophants into positions of authority in the revenue services, or prosecutions authority, all of which is done to clear the way to plunder the state coffers? Nothing boring about this.

There was a lot very wrong, even immoral and criminal, about how this country was governed before the advent of the new South Africa. There is a lot very wrong, criminal and immoral about how this country is being run now. Guns, soldiers, riot police, riots, patchy and dis-empowering education, all rather much as 25-35- 45 years ago. No, not boring but frighteningly disconcerting.



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