SA Govt Took R1.0699 Trillion.

This massive sum is what private persons and business handed over to the SA govt in 2015-16.( SARS announcement, Pretoria, 1 April 2016) Did you ever try to imagine how much that is? Every cent that govt has, it took from private persons or businesses. Every cent spent by govt on anything, at what-ever level, was provided by the people. The govt gave none of its own, because it has nothing except what it takes from us.

This is some of what was added to the govt’s stash reported in April 2016:- Personal Income Tax-R389.3 billion, Corporate Income Tax-R193.5 billion, VAT R280.8 billion, Customs/Excise R151,8 billion, and so on.

In the next 3 years the govt plans to dish out R841.7 billion to education, all of which it plans to take from private people and businesses as part of the usual money gathering that govt does.

These last couple of days we have heard political leaders saying that the private sector must come forward to contribute to the education funds, that it has more money than the State, that it has R52 billion lying unused in the JSE, which should be diverted to pay students fees. Do these words spring from ignorance about who has been paying all the time, or do they come from ill-will, or maybe someone who is looking for some populist support?




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