Why Do We Keep Making Fools of Ourselves ?

The President of RSA chides the parliamentarians because they are making fools of themselves in the eyes of the world.Has he had a good look at his own performance in Parliament? Does he realize that the majority of those parliamentarians are from his party?

The citizens are burning schools and denying their children an education close to home. For what reason? Maybe they don’t like the new constituency demarcation in their area? Or because they want a tarred road? How many other reasons can they find to mess up their kids education?

Other citizens are burning commuter trains that their fellow man needs to go to his place of employment. Why?

People are drowning in useless boats, rushing to leave the failing lands of their birth. Why?

People professing to be of a caring religious persuasion are killing others who also profess to worship the same Creator.Why?

Looking at the madness in other parts of Africa, in Syria, in Turkey, in France, in fact all over the place, one must conclude that Modern Man has decided to go mad, all together, and fade from the scene, after the shortest of times ( say 200,000 years).



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