Remember This Date, It’s All Happening

It’s 16 March 2016 and “twitter” is steaming.

( A late note: the Deputy Finance Minister, Jonas, is coming out about being offered the ministers job, which he rejected, and thus made way for “Des”. It’s all happening today.)

FIFA letting the cat out about SA paying bribes for the 2010 World Cup rights.

The Presidents “memory” being blasted by an ex-ANC MP and once-senior member of the party.

Investigations and warnings against the reinstated Minister of Finance.

International rating agency digging into the financial stability of our country.

The SA currency going through the floorboards yet the Stock Exchange trotting along happily. Could it be connected- – our assets are deliciously cheap because of the currency crash?

The Courts finding that the government violated it’s obligations to the International Criminal Court and our own law… and so on.

Just remember this date, the middle of this week. I think we are at a watershed.


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