Dear South African Government.

Dear South African Government, can we please have better service? Please!

Please provide a national airline that does not need to be subsidized or bailed-out year after year.

Please do not allow our tourist industry to be damaged by arbitrary, inconsistent visa regulations.

Please stop the waste of our tax money on “Rich Man” allowances, perks and salaries for hordes of Ministers.

Please stop spending our tax money on Appealing every Court Judgement that you don’t like.

Please get people who understand  electricity generation and distribution systems to run our national electricity generation and distribution system.

Please produce the political and legal climate that encourages the growth of our economy instead of the strangulation we have experienced in recent years.

Please realize this;  if your party keeps on putting inexperienced, unqualified, sleepy or self-serving  people into national, provincial, para-statals and local government, then South Africa will go down the drain.


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