With That “Well-Fed Look”, Will You Die Early?



Where were the dietitians and nutritionists when I was a boy? Where was my mother supposed to learn what to feed us? How were we to avoid starvation or obesity or T2 Diabetes? Who was supposed to instruct the food manufacturers how to make and preserve  balanced, nutritious industrial-quantity foods?

Dear Lord, how were we to survive and thrive?

But we did thrive. All around the world, for thousands upon thousands of years, we found and ate what we needed for body and brain. For the most part we got it right, or else we would have died out long ago. And guess what; there were no Associations of Dietitians to tell us what to select for dinner!

There was no manufactured food in the village where we lived, in the hills, in Burma, in the 1940s.  I doubt there ever had been. Nobody was starving. Nobody was overweight in…

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