They Are Coming To Get Us.

There is a picture on Twitter today, drawing our attention to the up-coming ‘Low Carb High Fat’ convention that is due to begin in Capetown on 19 Feb 2015. It’s a bit OTT but none the less, it does sort of capture the “Here Come The Avengers” vibe that the organizers have been projecting for a while. But why am I interested? I’ll tell you- -: Long, long ago- –

Some years ago, I developed gout, and was offended that my body should treat me this way. I visited a rather wise lady doctor, who, instead of piling on the pills and sanctimonious speeches, gave me some documents she downloaded from the office computer, there and then. She did give me some pills for temporary relief, but told me to go somewhere quiet and read and think a bit about Metabolic Diseases. Wow, this had me sitting up straight. For two reasons, or three maybe.- –

Firstly, never in my life had any medically orientated person (doctor, surgeon, nurse, dentist or pharmacist) ever offered me any serious reading matter about any plague I’d suffered.

Secondly, this material was located and produced so rapidly, with no attempt to disguise the source of the knowledge, with no “these are medical secrets” mumbo-jumbo. Info was available, and I was invited to educate myself from that same source.

Thirdly, I’m not poorly educated, I knew the word “Metabolic”, but not in a hundred years would I have thought of gout in terms of Metabolic Diseases. (In truth, I’d not heard of anything called Metabolic Disease). My Uncle Richard was a doctor, my wife a widely skilled nursing sister, and Jack Kyle, the Irish rugby player and good friend, was a surgeon. So, I was educated and yet uneducated. I read those documents, and shortly thereafter, I got into Prof. Louis S de Villiers writings on micro-nutrients, metabolic pathways, general nutrition and modern diseases. The role of fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, cell structures and energy production in our bodies fascinated me. The school  biology classes, the university biochemistry, botany and zoology classes were dull by comparison with what I found myself scratching for in these later days

Then something special happened. One of my brothers gave me a very good laptop computer. I was a rank novice, basically not computer literate, but something was beginning to awaken me, and I began re-educating myself as if I was the child again (No formal schooling in my childhood years. We lived in funny places). Metabolic diseases, the number one group of modern health problems, got my “learning engine” running, and so we come to the interest in the people who are coming to Capetown shortly. They are famously infamous in the world of nutrition, sports science, fitness and the sins of modern medicine, industrial foodstuff and pharmaceutical products.

If you look up Zoe Harcombe, Michael Eades, Jimmy Moore, Andreas Eenfeldt, Christine Cronau, Tim Noakes, and the many other at this address you will meet the people who hopefully are going to make the biggest beneficial impact on world health in the last 100 years, and some. I think they are going to get us out of the dreadful mess we have got into. They will be causing trouble, I’m happy to say.


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