What’s The Time? Is The Power Off?

You know when you are in the hands of “the incompetent omnipotent”. The knowledge comes from experiencing, again and again, that the lights are still on, when they should be off, or vice versa. Why do I say “omnipotent”? Notice that I do not question “incompetent”. I say “omnipotent” because they who have the power DO switch it off, or back on, regardless of  what they published in their schedules, regardless of the story in the press releases, totally free of any sanction for cutting us off at the knees.


2 thoughts on “What’s The Time? Is The Power Off?”

    1. I only ever visited it once, several years ago. As you can see, there are transmission cables in the pic, so some ‘on gridness’ exists- – I’m wondering if you know, or can guess, to whom it belongs.


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