Kill the cattle, kill solar heaters, rob foreigners.

In this mornings newspapers, the wicked media bosses are telling us that our citizens attack drivers and cattle in an overturned truck, that the Department of Trade and Industry has killed off the solar water heating industry, that a citizens kids gang  robbed a foreigners shop, that subsequently one of them was fatally wounded by the shop owner, and then the local communities  went on a rioting and looting spree of foreigners shops.

So in one day we read that, from top to bottom, the common people stone vehicles to cause crashes from which they plunder, that the governments officials torpedo the plans to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, thereby destroying hundreds of jobs and going counter to Eskom’s calls for help, and for added spice, our communities again do the criminal and xenophobic trashing and looting thing for which South Africans are becoming known. This is all in one day. But it is no exceptional thing. We, the honourable, wise, amazing Rainbow nation have been dong this form of stupid, criminal, mindless mob thing for some years now.

What madness, what administrative idiocy, what educational farce, what self-destruction will we do tomorrow?


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