Who do you believe?

There is this family, “The Beliefs”. The members “Believe” and “Believer” are the most well known.This tribe is  related to “The Trusts”. One often hears “Believers” state that they “Trust” the “Beliefs”.

The thing about this clan is that they are deceptive, seeming to be honourable, well connected, a base for good social behavior and the advancement of knowledge and wisdom.  “Beliefs” and “Trusts” can be very valuable friends and partners, but many of them are hollow and lead people down blind alleys to some dark and unhealthy places. People get caught out by the fact that the good guys and the bad guys move in the same circles, such as in religion, medical fields, nutrition, social studies, psychology and many every-day things like shopping, buying cars, making investments and daily school stuff.

It seems to me that people generally feel that Trust and Belief are good, and they are hurt or offended when it is suggested that fraudulent deals, political developments, failed medical interventions, histories of nations and many other everyday transactions involve the exploitation of people through what they have been led to believe, through what they trust.

Think about the religions of the world. Are there any that have NOT been designed or conceptualized by  Mankind? Are any of them ‘one hundred percent fact’ and universal in their statements and requirements? Do any NOT claim Divine origins, and do any show proof of this universal Divine? I think you will find they are based on persuasion and belief, and structured to empower some people, entrap some others as supporters, and to claim theirs is the right way, thereby excluding the rest of mankind. And you have believed, but have not known the truths.

Think about treatment for prevention of heart attacks and T2 diabetes. Does the medical world with whom you interact ever show real raw data and proof of cure or prevention through their deeds or prescriptions? Did that medical or pharmaceutical world ever explain when deaths by heart disease or diabetes became a world-wide problem? I think you have not been told. I also think you have been persuaded to use the pills and diets without any proof of cure, and you have chosen to believe!

For now, let’s take only one more example: the history of a nation whose country has been colonized by other people; it is nearly always told by the side that “won”, but when the tables are turned, maybe decades later, another history appears, put forward by the new “winners”. Even later, the ‘liberators’ may be overtaken by yet another group, and the books will show a new history with heroes anew and old heroes vanished. In turn, the different histories will be sold and hotly believed, yet not all can be true.

What you believe, and in what you trust, needs some examination and a good salting of skepticism, rather regularly.

Enjoy the day.




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